Scholarship Information:

Who qualifies for the Scholarship?


Harvard High School (Harvard, IL)

Johnsburg High School (Johnsburg, IL)

Munising High School (Munising, MI)

Richmond-Burton High School (Richmond, IL)

Wilmot High School (Wilmot, WI)

Heart of Gold Charity, Inc. will be looking for topnotch high school seniors to award with medical and nursing scholarships. The need for highly qualified and bright individuals in the medical field is unprecedented at this time in history. Our hope is that we can help facilitate the future of just one individual that will make a difference in the world of medicine. Think of the possibilities for change that one person can have by making a difference. It is amazing to think that one doctor or one nurse will touch the lives of so many people over the course of their career.

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Heart of Gold Charity, WI


2008 Scholarship Winners:

Harvard High School in Harvard, IL - Megan Keiber

Johnsburg High School in Johnsburg, IL - Anne Hinley

Munising High School in Munising, MI - Victoria DesJardins

Richmond-Burton High School in Richmond, IL - Samantha Spence


2009 Scholarship Winners:

Badger High School - Elizabeth Heinlein

Harvard High School - Brittany Burnett

Johnsburg High School - Elizabeth Janek

Munising (MI) High School - Kelcie Martineau

Richmond-Burton High School - Kelsey Flood

Wilmot High School - Katie Jo Kildahl

2010 Scholarship Winners:

Badger High School - Abigail Owens

Harvard High School - Jenny Kazy-Garey

Johnsburg High School - Jordan Hauck

Munising (MI) High School - Emily Hulse

Richmond-Burton High School - Eleanor Meisner

Wilmot High School - Jeremy Betz


2011 Scholarship Winners:

Badger High School - Tom Slater

Harvard High School - Daisy Ramos

Johnsburg High School - Nicole Barla

Munising (MI) High School - Stevi MacArthur

Richmond-Burton High School - Brandi Chaney

Wilmot High School - Kristen Weiler

2012 Scholarship Winners:

Badger High School - Sarah Morgan

Harvard High School - Veronica Martinez

Johnsburg High School - Rachel Pelka

Munising (MI) High School - Courtney Riley

Richmond-Burton High School -April Wanagas

Wilmot High School - Ashley Knoll

2013 Scholarship Winners:

Badger High School - Eli Porras

Harvard High School - Henry Froelich III

Johnsburg High School - Taylor Nimrick

Munising (MI) High School - Jenna Hach

Richmond-Burton High School - Roxanne Kelly

Wilmot High School - Cheyenne Moffatt

2014 Scholarship Winners:

Badger High School - Shelby Peck
Harvard High School - Justin Nolen
Johnsburg High School - Kelly Ackerman
Munising (MI) High School - Sadie Cornish
Richmond-Burton High School - Rachel Thoma
Wilmot High School - Savannah Rivers

2015 Scholarship Winners:

Badger High School - Marissa White
Harvard High School - Gaby Esquivel
Johnsburg High School - Patrick Kuczwara
Munising (MI) High School - Fayth Belusar
Richmond-Burton High School - Megan Spohr
Wilmot High School - Marnie Destree

2016 Scholarship Winners:

Badger High School - Julia Adams
Harvard High School - Jenna Grieshop 
Johnsburg High School - Korissa Pelc
Munising (MI) High School - Sarah Schultz
Richmond-Burton High School - Jeremy Gallegos
Wilmot High School -  Sawyer Wightman

2017 Scholarship Winners:

Harvard High School - Cynthia Pelayo
Johnsburg High School -  Tess Grimes
Munising (MI) High School - Peyton Bonneville
Richmond-Burton High School - Danielle Loonsfoot
Wilmot High School -  Lauren Daniels

Congratulations to our recipients and good luck in the future!

Heart of Gold Charity, WI

For more information on the Heart of Gold Charity Scholarship please send any questions via email to heartofgoldcharity@yahoo.com

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